The two biggest practice builders are. . .

We are not all people persons despite our talents with our hands and demanding schedules can create problems for all of us. We are in a people business and one that exposes us to the gamut of human behavior with many patients not being excited about being in a Dental Office. We have numerous areas to deal with including staff, patients, time constraints, materials, equipment, laboratories, sales people, OSHA requirements and so on.

If your anesthetic technique or people skills are wanting- talk to colleagues who you know have skills in communicating or anesthetic techniques or take a course or read but do something to raise your level in these areas. It is amazing to me the number of gifted practitioners who think that is all it takes. Nowadays when you deal with other businesses whether it be restaurants, retailers or whatever, it really stands out how indifferent many people are. You can see this every day just driving and notice the courtesy and consideration around you. People skills are lacking with many individuals in the business world and you as a consumer know how you feel when you are forced to deal with someone like this. Imagine if that person is your Physician or Dentist.

Try to separate yourself from the demands of the business and realize the practice really does grow one patient at a time. When that one patient leaves the office satisfied not only with what procedures were done but with the way they were treated, the practice building begins. In the movie “Powder” there is a great line that says “Our technology has exceeded our humanity”.