About GP Dental

GP Dental Products was formed in early 1982 when the two partners developed the first 3/4 Arch Check Bite Tray.

Dr. John Grignon, a dentist from Brookfield, Wisconsin and Robert Popp, a Dental Laboratory owner from Milwaukee, Wisconsin formed the company after months of creating concepts and prototypes to develop a checkbite tray that would not be limited to a few posterior teeth but include 3/4s of the arch in both the working arch and the opposing arch.

This gave the dental laboratory the ability to simulate excursions of the articulated models including both cuspids in each arch and cuspid rise. The first 3/4 arch tray was made of brass but due to tarnishing was soon nickel plated and later made of stainless steel which is still used today.

A quadrant tray and an anterior tray were added. All trays are made of stainless steel, are autoclaveable and incorporate paper like inserts to separate upper and lower arches.

The company preferred metal due to distortion factors and being able to autoclave and reuse was more environmentally friendly.

Additional products are being considered for development and GP does consider manufacturers interested in marketing their products through GP.